Chris S. Cornell

Chris S. Cornell

Chris S. Cornell

Chris S. Cornell is an experienced communicator who has helped a wide range of businesses and organizations reach their digital marketing and social media goals. Cornell understands underlying principles of social media marketing and has successfully managed projects for restaurants, hotels, medical practices and hospitals, law firms, governmental agencies, non-profits and a long list of motion pictures.


  • Author wide range of written content, including press releases, columns, opinion pieces, articles and blog content, with solid understanding of what will best engage and grow target audiences. Experienced reporter, columnist and PR account manager.
  • Manage and monitor social media platforms for clients in wide range of sectors, including government, legal & financial, food & beverage, contracting and non-profits. Build audiences, generate leads, identify and respond to problems, find and capitalize on opportunities. Highly knowledgable and experienced on subject of targeted Facebook advertising.
  • Deliver presentations to corporations, colleges and community groups on subject of social media, community building, and online content production.
  • As an award-winning photographer (photojournalist and wedding photographer) possess keen understanding of the importance of visual elements in all forms of communication. Successfully integrate photos, video and other visual arts into campaigns.
  • Use knowledge of search and SEO to benefit clients and advance the goals of the communities of which I’m involved. Combine strong analytic abilities with solid understanding of how target audiences behave.
  • Expert at building communities around diverse interests, needs and goals.


  • Proficient in the development and management of WordPress websites. Have been involved with the creation of sites for wide variety of businesses, organizations and non-profits, and have frequently been the the sole content manager for these sites.

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    Chris S. Cornell has managed social media accounts for scores of business and organizations. With a focus on desired long-term results, Cornell looks beyond the simple metrics that sidetrack so many social media users. To learn more, contact Cornell at 914-960-1533.

  • Quickly acquire and master the fast-evolving technological skills needed to remain at the leading edge in the areas of web management, social media, public relations and online marketing.
  • Expert skills using Facebook. Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, Constant Contact and numerous other online tools.
  • Proficient with a wide range of online management and monitoring tools, including Google Analytics, Hootsuite, Revinate, Vocus, and Cision.
  • Experienced in the use of HTML, CSS and PHP.
  • Skilled at PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Adobe Creative Suite, including Final Cut Pro, and Photoshop.


  • Experience managing people and processes in business and community settings for the past two decades.
  • Directed and managed all aspects of successful retail business for 16 years.
  • Formulate strategies for successful social media and online marketing efforts, and execute plans with high-level results.
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Are you making a splash with your social media efforts, or are you headed for a crash?
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