Westchester Social Media to Shift Focus Toward Non-Expert Social Media Users

Just because you’ve always done something a certain way, does not mean you need to continue doing it that way forever.  On my way in to work this morning, I was thinking about the Westchester Social Media community I’ve been managing for the past couple of years through this website and the Westchester Social Media Facebook page. Using the Dragon Dictation app on my iPhone (hands free, of course) I “wrote” this short blog to outline some subtle changes coming to the Westchester Social Media community.

Chris S. Cornell

Chris S. Cornell

This community was initially established as a way to bring together those on the front edge of the social media revolution. It was created when I was still looking for a way to transform my passion for social media into a full-time career. It functioned quite well as a place for social media “experts” from across Westchester, the Hudson Valley and beyond to share information, and network with others who were helping to bring social media to businesses and individuals in the area.

For a while now, I’ve noticed that engagement on the Westchester Social Media facebook page has been flat, and that conversations have tapered off. At the same time, traffic on the Westchester Social Media website has increased dramatically, and my own conversations about social media — via phone, email, Twitter, Facebook and face-to-face — are at an all-time high. Why is the Westchester Social Media community experiencing a plateau during such an exciting, high-growth time for social media?

It occurred to me as I drove across the Croton Reservoir in southern Yorktown that the content on the WSM Facebook page has been directed toward the social media experts, when the greatest need at present is with the group of people trying to learn how to integrate social media into their daily lives. There are thousands of people right here in Westchester and the surrounding areas who want help incorporating social media into their business or organization, or would like to use it to build their own personal networks.

It may have taken a few months longer than it should have, but from this day forward, you’ll notice a slight shift in the direction of the WSM page. We’ll continue to share helpful links, but the purpose of the page (and this website) is to make it easier for area individuals, businesses and organizations to navigate the often turbulent social media seas.

WSM appreciates the help we’ve received from the professional social media community, and we sincerely hope the help will continue to pour in. Helping local individuals, businesses and organizations use social media effectively helps us all. WSM will continue to go out of its way to shine the light on those who are doing the most to advance the community — only now, we’ll be dedicating our efforts primarily to those who will benefit the most — the much larger group of people who are ready to jump on board and together take social media to the next level.

Chris S. Cornell is the Director of Social Media at Thompson & Bender — a Westchester-based PR, advertising and marketing firm. He manages several online communities, and consults, speaks and writes about social media. You can follow Chris on Twitter at Cornell140.


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One comment on “Westchester Social Media to Shift Focus Toward Non-Expert Social Media Users
  1. I love the analytical way you came to that conclusion. Best of luck with the new focus.

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