New York City’s FOX 5 News Looks to Westchester Social Media Expert Chris Dessi For Answers

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Chris Dessi was the featured speaker at the first Westchester TweetUp at POUR Cafe and Wine Bar, October 14, 2009. He has taken his social media career to the next level, appearing frequently on FOX 5 News as a social media expert. Dessi is a managing partner at Drive Action Digital.

After appearing on FOX News at 10 with Ernie Anastos about a week-and-a-half ago, Chappaqua’s Chris Dessi commented that “my 15 minutes of fame look like they’re all used up.”

Dessi — a managing partner at social media and digital marketing agency Drive Action Digital that recently moved to Tarrytown — had been tracked down by the folks at FOX through his blog. In his first FOX appearance, he spoke to Anastos about a case involving a woman who was fired from her job as an EMT because of a post she made on Facebook about her boss.

Dessi did such a great job that he was asked back this past Monday to talk with Anastos about Facebook’s launch of a new messaging system dubbed the Google-Killer. Whereas the first appearance was taped, Dessi went live on the second go-round, and again handled the lights and cameras like a veteran.

It should surprise no one, then, that Dessi’s phone rang again today when FOX producers decided they needed an expert to discuss the case of a New Jersey pastor who has ordered each of his church’s leaders (apparently there are 50 or so) to abandon their Facebook accounts or relinquish their leadership positions. Tune in to FOX 5 News tonight to hear Dessi’s take on this interesting issue.

Clearly, Dessi has gone through his 15 minutes, but it appears that when you do a great job on a New York news station, they keep giving you more.

Reached a short while ago, Dessi said “I’m thrilled, honored, and totally humbled by the whole thing.  I’m happiest however for my business partner (Drive Action Digital founder Anthony Zarro). Drive Action Digital is his baby, and we’re taking it to another level with this exposure. ”

Dessi added “I think I’m at minute 14 of my 15…”

I’m not buying that.

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