“Westchester Photography” Now On Facebook

Isiah Thomas

Isiah Thomas and Dennis Rodman. (Photo by Chris S. Cornell)

Photographers and fans use social media to develop new community

Over the past year or so, I’ve learned a thing or two about building communities through the use of social media. Armed with that knowledge and a lifelong enthusiasm for photography, I recently established the Westchester Photography Facebook page. The response has been great, and I’m now wishing I’d gotten it started much earlier.

The purpose of the Westchester Photography page is to provide a place where local photographers and fans of photography can share their common interest. In addition to providing a place where photographs can be shared, the community will also provide educational opportunities, access to suppliers, notifications about contests and exhibits, and other photography-related news and information. Westchester Photography will also be an ideal place for people to find the perfect photographer for whatever their need.

In the first week of its existence, the Facebook page has attracted more than 40 people, including several accomplished professional photographers. It is my hope that this community will generate productive discussions, provide educational opportunities, and be a source of enjoyment for all those who appreciate the art and science known as photography.

I am enthusiastic about building this community, and I would love to have your help. Currently, “fans” can post directly to the main wall , but we’ll have to see how feasible that is as the community grows.You can always reach me with your submissions and ideas at Chris@CornellSays.com. Let me know when you have published a useful article on your blog, or if you have new photos you feel are worth posting.

“Westchester Photography” will promote regular Westchester-themed photo contests, and will facilitate critiques of photographs for members of this community. There are many photographers who have specialized in one area, such as portraiture, food or photojournalism — and it would be ideal if we could create dialogues in each of these areas.

One of my own specialties is in sports photography, and I’m enthusiastic to talk about techniques with other sports photographers, while sharing my knowledge with those just starting out. I’m hoping others will be willing to do the same.

This community is headed toward great things. I encourage you to join us on Facebook, and help get the conversation started.

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